Ashland Food Angels

A Rogue Valley Grassroots Volunteer Organization

Ashland Food Angels is a grassroots, fully volunteer cooperative venture which helps other organizations serving low income people in the Rogue Valley, primarily through the daily collection and redistribution of food retrieved from markets, bakeries and local organic farmers. The compound goals of providing food for those in need, offering an opportunity for self-help, self-reliance and community service, and keeping usable items out of the landfill have been met daily since 1996. In addition to our food deliveries, we have also gathered and donated warm clothing, blankets, kitchen utensils and personal care items.

An additional aspect of our work involves several classes at Ashland High School, to whom we donate food weekly. Each year, the classes are visited by Pamala Joy, who speaks to them about community service, alternative life styles choices, and aspects of well-being, including healthy eating patterns.

The Ashland Food Angels has been highly successful and effective, helping many individuals and families over the years, and keeping a great deal out of landfills and into the hands of people who can use the food and other retrieved items. The Food Angels have expanded from helping one group to serving several different groups regularly, as well as many other groups and individuals through one time or occasional donations. The ripple effect of this project has contributed significantly to the lives of many in this area and is now so firmly in place that it will continue for many years to come. We are different from food banks in that we gather food for organizations to give away, and we predominately focus on fruits and vegetables.